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Application of probiotics



  • prevention of diarrheal diseases, dietetical and infectious origin
  • prevention and treatment of salmonella infections
  • supporting digestion and increase gains
  • improve feed conversion
  • improve the overall immunity of the organism and the immunological response to vaccination
  • displacement of pathogenic microorganisms from the intestine and gradually from the environment (lactobacilli are opportunistic microflora to clostridia), prevention and supporting treatment of necrotic enteritis in poultry, lamb enterotoxémie, flatulence of rabbits and other diseases caused by clostridia
  • improve reproductive parameters in animal breeding - increase of the weight and vitality of born juveniles
  • Resettlement of the digestive tract after use of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents. PROGAL also supports digestion of animals with already developed forestomach, which have a beneficial impact on digestive processes in the rumen, especially in the transition from milk to plant nutrition.

Probiotic preparations are recommended to be used:


  • pregnant and lactating females
  • young animals as soon as possible after the birth, respectively. hatching
  • young animals at weaning time
  • whenever you changes in feed
  • during rearing and feeding discontinuously for 10 days at 4-6 week intervals



  • in dietetical and infectious diarrhea
  • after each use of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents
  • for salmonella intestinal infection, colibacillosis and supporting treatment of clostridial infections