PROPOUL plv.a.u.v.

PROPOUL containing Lactobacillus fermentum with synergically effecting components achieves high effectiveness and extension of the basis of mechanisms of its effectiveness.

PROPOUL due to its fast potentiated growth takes away in competitive battle nutrients and due to its high adherence to bowel surface takes the binding locations and thus creates effective barrier against conditional and pathogen microorganisms.

PROPOUL prevents the growth and multiplication of undesirable bacteria also by maintaining optimal pH, production of lactal acid and by these mechanisms favourably influence the rentability of breeding of the young poultry and breeding without use of antibiotics. By the production of mucin it stimulates the activity of immune system.

PROPOUL produces also vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid and pantothenic acid. It increases the digestibility of proteins. Lactobacilli due to influence of various chemical substances /e.g. conservation substances in food/ antibiotics and chemotherapeutics disappear from organism and therefore it is necessary to restore them in the bowel system.


Potentiated probiotic preparation for chickens, broilers, breeding and utility layers, geese, ducks, pheasants, and guinea fowls. It contains probiotic and potentiating component.
Probiotic component: Lactobacillus fermentum CCM 7158.
Potentiating component: malt dextrin, fructooligosaccharide in 1 % conc. in 1 g of preparation


For prevention and treatment of diarrheas, boosting of immunity of organism, improvement of production indicators, in recovery, after administration of antibiotics and chemotherapeutics, in controlled breeding it is successfully used for the breeding of poultry without use of antibiotics.


White up to yellowish powder.

Way of use

Perorally in feed or drinking water.


Individual administration: 5-10 g per 1kg of feed.

Mass administration: 20-30g per 1000 animals in drinking water.

  • Broilers 300-500 g/ton of feed, breeding and utility layers 300-500g/ton of feed,
  • geese, ducks, turkeys: 300-500g in 1 ton of feed. Administer in the first 10 -13 days of life and at each change of feed, in controlled breeding  during the whole breeding of the young ones.
  • Pheasants, guinea fowls: 15g/100 animals/day dissolve in drinking water, 30g per 50kg of feed. Administer in the first 10 -13 days of life and at each change of feed, in controlled breeding during the whole breeding of the young ones.


One coffee spoon contains approx. 2- 3g of preparation, one tea spoon 5-6g, one table spoon approx. 15g. The preparation is not harmful at overdosing!

  • Adverse effects: not known.
  • Protective period: without protective period
  • Storage: At room temperature in dry and dark place.
  • Designation: For animals only.
  • Without prescription of veterinary doctor.
  • Package size: 200g.
  • Period of usability: 12 months