PROPIG plv.a.u.v.

PROPIG is a highly effective potentiated probiotic preparation liquidating pathogenic microorganisms with optimising influence on digestive processes and stimulating effect on immune system.

PROPIG contains specially isolated, species-specific Lactobacillus plantarum, which assures fast colonisation and growth of favourable microflora in the digestive tract. By taking the binding locations with high adherence to bowel epithelia and forming of lactobacilli film on the bowel, production of lactic acid, which maintains favourable pH for organism, production of enzymes, vitamins and bacteriocins it achieves resistance to diseases and zoo-hygienic stress.

PROPIG due to its effects simultaneously improves the production indicators of breeding, digestibility of feed and increase of gains.

PROPIG produces also vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid and pantothenic acid. It increases the digestibility of proteins. Lactobacilli due to influence of various chemical substances /e.g. conservation substances in food/ antibiotics and chemotherapeutics disappear from organism and therefore it is necessary to restore them in the bowel system.


Potentiated probiotic preparation for sucklings, weanlings and pigs.
Probiotic component: Lactobacillus plantarum CCM 7102, strain isolated from the content of the bowels of healthy sucklings
Potentiating component: malt dextrin, fructooligosaccharide in 1 % conc. in preparation.


Prevention of diarrheas of sucklings, weanlings and pigs. Improvement and support of immune response of the organism. Recolonisation and restoration of bowel microflora after administration of antibiotics and chemotherapeutics. Prevention and treatment of salmonella infection and coli infection. Prevention of MMA syndrome.
Always at change of feed. We recommend administering to sows two weeks before delivery.


White up to yellowish powder.

Way of use

Perorally in feed or drinking water.


  • Sucklings: individual dose 2g/animal/day during the period of first 10 days of life.
  • Weanlings: 2g/animal/day at each change of feed.
  • Sows: 2g/animal/day, 14-21 days before delivery until weaning.



One coffee spoon contains approx. 2-3g of preparation, one tea spoon 5-6g, one table spoon approx. 15g. The preparation is not harmful at overdosing!

  • Adverse effects: not known.
  • Protective period: without protective period
  • Storage: At room temperature in dry and dark place.
  • Designation: For animals only.
  • Without prescription of veterinary doctor.
  • Package size: 200g, 500g, 1000g, 5000g.
  • Period of usability: 12 months